About Us

We live by the code of passionate code

Back in 2016, we understood our passion for digital products and decided to bring even more to this world.

That’s how it all started. 7 years in the making, we are a development agency of over 20+ employees now. Our goal is to create products that users love.

Our team is composed from a range of talents from UX creatives to high calibre developers

Adlux combines the freedom of personality and the synergy of an agency. Striving to bring the best to clients, we devote our hearts and souls to our work, and the outcomes speak for themselves.


Passion and craft goes well together

Everything in software development, passion ignites the desire to constantly improve, and it's this dedication that crafts innovative, robust, and efficient solutions from planning to deployment.

Expertise coupled with guidance

Expert guidance is invaluable, as it empowers individuals to navigate complexities and elevate their expertise to new heights.